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Nordhavn Summer Rendezvous Kicks Off!

The first-ever Nordhavn Rendezvous kicked off with a bang in Bristol, RI Wednesday afternoon with an impressive 24 boats, and an additional 10 owners sans vessels, all gathering at the Herreshoff Museum Marina. A gorgeous sunny day greeted the boaters who registered throughout the afternoon before commencing under the large tent for a cocktail party and welcome address by PAE's president Dan Streech. The event is history-making for the company, marking the most Nordhavns ever gathered together at one place. Not since the Nordhavn Atlantic Rally has the Nordhavn family been so celebrated. In fact, three of the NAR-participating boats who came to the Rendezvous reminisced with each other about that last record-breaking outing and at the same time recounted those events with new Nordhavn owners.

"It's just so great to be surrounded by all these Nordhavns!" exclaimed Sue Spencer from Nordhavn 40 "Uno Mas." The Spencers, who have owned their boat since 2001, mingled with folks who are just starting their Nordhavn dream and awaiting their new boats to finish production.

During his speech to the group, Dan Streech alluded to the company's storied 30-year history that saw through many national and world economic crises - not unlike the current shaky financial climate. But in Nordhavn fashion, PAE has weathered those storms coming out on top. While boating companies are folding or scaling back all around us, PAE is thriving, Dan told the crowd, emphasizing that the investments they've made - both emotionally and fiscally - in PAE and Nordhavns are sound ones.

Throughout the remainder of the week, the group will sightsee the area, attend educational seminars and revel at night during some great parties lined up. Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to check out the Photo Gallery for the latest snapshots of all the fun.

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