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Repeat Adventure

November 13, 2007

By Amy Zahra

Mark Johnson must feel like he’s experiencing déjà vu. Not only is the ex-Las Vegas resident celebrating ownership of his second Nordhavn, he is planning to embark on the identical course he took the first time around.

In 2004, Johnson took possession of a Nordhavn 47, Bacchus. An avid diver and former sailor, Johnson had had no trawler experience whatsoever. But that didn’t stop him from making – and following through on – truly ambitious cruising plans. Along with his brother Dan, his itinerary took him across the Pacific from Puerto Vallarta Mexico to Hiva Oa, a 19-day, 2,830 nm trip, followed by island hopping around the South Pacific and Australia.  His favorite destinations were Moorea (French Polynesia), Suwarrow Atoll (Cook Islands), and Espiritu Santo and Tanna Islands in Vanuatu. 

It was toward the end of his South Pacific journey that Johnson not only realized he wouldn’t mind something a little larger and more comfortable, he, in fact, loved the trawler lifestyle and was ready to live aboard. He listed his boat in Australia and to further bolster his odds of selling, displayed her at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show, where she was sold shortly thereafter.  What’s more, the Australian broker Johnson worked with was Peter Devers of Yacht Domain, whom PAE later tapped as an affiliate representative for our office Down Under.

Fast forward to November 2007 and we once more find Johnson at PAE headquarters in Dana Point christening his new Nordhavn, this time a 55-footer called Myah. Celebrating with the PAE team as well as son Matthew, daughter-in-law Tracie and granddaughter Myah (his boat’s namesake),  Johnson shared a bottle of fine tequila with the group in anticipation of his exciting adventure ahead.

The retired anesthesiologist has since sold his house in Vegas and other possessions to begin his new lifestyle. And this week Johnson, along with brother Dan, will set off yet again on a Pacific crossing only - this time in greater comfort and style.





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