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February 10, 2010

Seakits reaches milestone with Nordhavn 60

SeaKits, a company that manages parts maintenance and outfitting for yachts, celebrated a milestone of having serviced 100 customers with its Marine Maintenance System (MMS), and they did it with a Nordhavn 60: hull #47, Marytime, was the 100th vessel to receive MMS. To commemorate this milestone, SeaKits has produced a logo to be placed on all yachts which have been outfitted with the maintenance program. According to SeaKits, the “MMS Onboard” logo identifies a yacht that is maintained to the yacht builder’s and equipment manufacturers’ high standards and is sure to maintain its value far above yachts using ad-hoc or repair-driven maintenance programs.

Nordhavns are already considered the safest and most reliable yachts on the market and have a track record to back it up. But SeaKits owner says MMS offers Nordhavn owners confidence from a different perspective. “PAE delivers a great yacht,” said Barry Kallander, who founded SeaKits in 2006. “What we’re doing is providing owners the tools to keep maintenance practically automatic, so they can focus on enjoying their boat.” Kallander, who also owns a Nordhavn 40, knows firsthand how well the system works on the brand’s vessels.

The MMS system can be found on more than 32 Nordhavns, each one with a program that’s specifically tailored to their vessel.

For Marytime’s owner, Victor Murray, outfitting his boat with MMS serves as the ideal complement. “I purchased my Nordhavn not only for its cruisability, but also for its seaworthiness and safety record,” he said. “Having MMS onboard boosts my ability to operate even more confidently.” Murray took delivery of his boat just weeks ago and is currently planning his cruising itnerary for 2010.

In addition to the MMS, SeaKits also provides spare parts outfitting which includes stocking the boat with parts essential for planned maintenance as well as those parts required for common repairs.