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September 16, 2010

Split Personality

A chance meeting of the first two EYFs reveals the model could be all things to all people.

Summer 2009: Nordhavn Expedition Yacht Fisher, hull #1, Audrey’s Dream, is roaming the waters off Alaska. A party of 10 is scattered throughout and around the boat in various states of activity: resting, cooking, movie-watching, kayaking and, of course, fishing.

At the same time, EYF hull #2 is in Newport, Rhode Island; a much smaller crew is assembled on board provisioning and preparing the boat for a major fishing adventure. Bass, Bluefish and Tuna await.

The agendas on board each boat are as radically opposite as their locations. Family fun versus serious fishing. As the season changes, the two start down their respective coasts, their roles maintained. But for all the differences in the mindsets of the passengers, there are remarkable similarities here: For starters, there’s the constant purr of the twin engines as ‘round-the-clock cruising puts both boats closer to their warmer water destinations – while the yellow hull embarks on the more temperate climes of southern California, the powder blue-bodied boat seeks out some prime Florida Marlin. But that’s not the only parallel. There’s also the smiles and laughter emanating from well-rested, comfortable guests and crew - each taking complete satisfaction in their individual pursuits.

Fast forward to Summer 2010. It’s been a year filled with some taking care of business back home, but in springtime the cruising state of mind commenced. Hull #2, Melanie Jeanne, received a tune up in Palm Beach before embarking on her passage across the Gulf of Mexico, bound for Baja…and more stellar fishing.

The Nowacek clan, who own Audrey’s Dream, left San Diego headed for Puerto Vallarta and then ultimately Cabo San Lucas, the ideal summer locale with bath-like waters for the family to do some of their favorite things: swim, snorkel and scuba dive…oh yes, and throwing out a line or two. Coincidentally, Melanie Jeanne’s nose was also pointed at Cabo. With retirement waiting in the wings for the owners, they chose the Mexican resort town to serve as the boat’s new homeport.

Of course, Cabo’s not so big that the two huge, uniquely beautiful Nordhavn Yacht Fishers could escape without crossing each other’s paths. They didn’t, and it was a remarkable sight, indeed, to see them – for the very first time since they were on stands at the factory in China – sitting side by side. Save for the paint color and a few variations, the boats were identical. You’d never guess the different personalities each possessed – one, host to family vacation getaways; the other, a gateway to fishing nirvana. Then again, there were sounds of revelry coming from hull #2; a fiesta on board being enjoyed by aunts, uncles, friends and grandkids. And what’s with that huge pile of fish on the cockpit of Audrey’s Dream? You’d think all that Wahoo, Tuna and 6-year-old Aleksander-sized Grouper had been hooked by the saltiest of anglers.

Huh, maybe the two boats are more alike than we think.

The boats parted ways shortly after their rendezvous in Cabo with Audrey’s Dream rounding out their summer going back up to the Sea of Cortez and then staying put in California while the kids settle down for a new school year. Melanie Jeanne continues to seek out the elusive big fish in and around the hotspots of Baja. The crew are preparing for next month’s Bisbee’s Fish Tournament, the biggest money prize fishing contest in the world.

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