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December 27, 2010

Stars aligning for Nordhavn in January 2011

By Jeff Merrill

There is a lot of optimism in the salt air which reveals a clear night sky full of stars…and I think for good reason. Many trawllerites (like satellites, only we orbit marinas) have been waiting patiently at the dock…thinking, planning and getting ready to make a move when times get better. My telescope (and astrological forecast :0) says that we are approaching the optimum time to buy. Personally, I think we have seen the bottom of this economy and that we are slowly crawling forward (at 7 knots!).

As I have written many times before, there are three key ingredients you need to support your decision to purchase a Nordhavn: money, time and health – they all have to balance in your personal world before you set sail and study the stars in the night sky from the comfort of your own pilothouse. The money and time aspects are a matter of planning…the health factor is the biggest unknown and the most likely aspect to prevent you from enjoying the cruising lifestyle if you do not start finalizing your plans now.

You are in a stellar position to take advantage of this curious alignment of the planets. The number of used Nordhavns that sold in 2010 is a testament to the momentum of the buyers market. Admittedly it has not been good for sellers, but buyers have made some great deals. The negotiating strength you have as a buyer to pursue a new Nordhavn build may never be better…it’s time to call your Nordhavn sales rep and grab a speeding meteor!

We invite you to get back aboard a Nordhavn and refresh your interest at any of the many opportunities coming up for you in January of 2011. Please review the calendar summary below and make plans to get to one of the following events where Nordhavns will undoubtedly be the Star of the show:

January 21-30 Lake Union Boats Afloat Show - Nordhavn 43 and 47
Seattle, WA
website: www.seattleboatshow.com

January 27-28 Fort Lauderdale Trawler Fest - Nordhavn 43
Fort Lauderdale, FL
website: www.trawlerfest.com

January 29th Nordhavn Yachts Open House – Nordhavn 43, 55, 56, 62 and 75
Dana Point, CA
Registration required – sign up form online or visit

All of the boats we place in these events are subject to change, but as of today the schedule listed here is the latest information. Please call your sales representative to confirm their availability to give you a tour and let them know when you are available to meet.

All of us at Nordhavn look forward to seeing you in person sometime soon and I personally hope that your New Year begins with a smooth take off and leads to great heights. At this stage in your life, do you have real reason to hold back, or is it time to reach for the stars?



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