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January 28, 2019

Tuesday commemorates the Chinese New Year, a very special day for the men and women of our partner factories in China and Taiwan. Every year, the staff at Ta Shing, which builds our Nordhavn 64/68 and 72/76 models, holds a huge celebration in honor of the biggest holiday in China. PAE President, Dan Streech, annually flies to Taiwan to help the Ta Shing family commemorate the special occasion. This year the party was held Friday night at the end of the work day and a very grateful Dan, as a guest of honor, gave a heartfelt speech:

I am so happy to be here tonight with my Ta Shing friends. This fun party is one of my most favorite nights of the year.

I was 28 years old the first time that I stood in this factory. Now I am 70 years old.  42 years have gone by… so quickly.  The world has completely changed in those 42 years, but some things have stayed the same… people and trusting relationships and hard work are still important. 

I didn’t realize it at the time, but when I met cm and so san and co san the course of my life would be changed forever. I was joining a family; the Ta Shing family, and I was joining it for the rest of my life. Being accepted as part of the Ta Shing family has been a great honor and a great privilege for me and it has been the foundation of PAE/Nordhavn’s success. 

42 years ago, neither Ta Shing nor PAE were known in the world of boating. We had a dream and an ambition and thru good times and bad times and major changes in the world, we stuck together and together we became successful and famous and we changed the world. 

PAE/Nordhavn has become famous and a leader in the design of long distance powerboats.  Ta Shing has become famous for quailty and honesty and integrity and for having a great team of dedicated people who always give their best. We formed an amazing and powerful team.

When I look out, I see faces of people who have been here 20 and 30 years and more and have given their lives to Ta Shing. Thank you. You may not realize it, but you have left a mark on the world. Hundreds of boats that you have built with your own hands still exist and the owners and the boating world know that those boats came from Ta Shing. Those boats are your works of art and your legacy.

I also see young faces out there. People who I don’t know. Thank you for joining the Ta Shing family. Through their hard work over many years, the older generation has created this great company which has given you an opportunity for a noble career as a boat builder and to carry on the traditions.  

The same thing is happening at PAE/Nordhavn.  The next generation at PAE/Nordhavn is doing much of the work now.  We expect this business to continue for another generation and hopefully another one after that. We value you and appreciate you and value having you on the team of the future. 

On behalf of Jim and Jeff and all of us at PAE/Nordhavn, thank you for your hard work and Happy New Year!