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January 25, 2016

PAE’s long-time partner factory celebrates New Year and four decades of success
Looking forward to Year of the Monkey

The sounds of routers, saws, screw guns and grinders normally heard in factory bay #2 at Ta Shing Yacht Building Company in Taiwan were replaced by the sounds of music, laughter, fun, speeches and clinking glasses last Friday evening as Ta Shing’s annual party banquet kicked off the countdown to Chinese New Year.

Pacific Asian Enterprises (PAE) co-owner and Nordhavn’s Chief of Design Jeff Leishman as well as PAE President Dan Streech were on hand in Tainan, Taiwan to join the festivities, see old friends and thank each and every worker and staff member for their hard work and dedication.

Retired Ta Shing President Mr. So Sang spoke of the founding of Ta Shing 40 years agoand thanked all of the employees – many of whom have been continuously employed by Ta Shing since the beginning.

Streech spoke to the crowd about the amazing pool of knowledge and wisdom and boat building skills that have been accumulated by the workers over Ta Shing’s four-decade existence and thanked them for helping propel the name “Nordhavn” into one of the leading brands in the boating world.

The already festive mood was made even more so when Streech announced to the happy crowd that the first 3 weeks of 2016 had already brought in 3 deposit checks (two N76s and one N68) despite the seemingly ever more crazy world economic and political situation...or maybe because of it? The Year of The Monkey looks like will be a good one for Nordhavn!



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