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March 2, 2010

The Unexpected Circumnavigation book
by Christi Grab is now available!

By Jeff Merrill

Followers of the Nordhavn 43 Kosmos know that Eric and Christi Grab are one of the youngest couples to have circumnavigated.  Their trip was laid out for the world to watch on a daily basis as they literally blogged all around the world. 

With so much great content – stories, photos and great adventures it is only natural that a book would evolve (and I’m actually holding out for the big screen movie ...which famous actors will play Eric and Christi?) and now the book is finally here. 

Make no mistake from the title…this Circumnavigation was planned, but the “unexpected” part comes mainly from the people in the places they visited who couldn’t believe a Nordhavn trawler could deliver the Grabs into the remote ocean islands that are normally only occupied by sailboats, as well as what Eric and Christi learned during their visits to these isolated locales.  The book includes a prologue that explains how they came up with the idea to sail a lap around the globe - including the early planning stages, plus some retrospective sections with pearls of wisdom which Eric and Christi wish they knew at the time and are happy to pass along to their readers.

The internet audience who followed Kosmos will appreciate this new, revised collection of some of their blog-recorded thoughts. Christi has been meticulously editing and culling the best of the best ever since their homecoming and can now explain in more detail some of the things that were best left unsaid while the trip was in progress.  (One of my favorite blog entries was the recounting of relaxing in a lagoon during a starlit night with the water mirroring the heavens and Eric and Christi experiencing a floating sensation caught between two worlds…not sure if it made the cut, but looking forward to reading more about all of their wonderful experiences). 

I just ordered my copy this past weekend.  You can get yours too by going to www.lulu.com and either get the print version or the PDF download.  Just hit this link:


This book is Part One of a planned series which will cover from cast off in San Diego to arrival in Australia including a nearly 3,000-mile first leg and travels through 18 South Pacific Islands.

Eric and Christi will be attending TrawlerFest in San Diego, CA this coming weekend (March 5-7) where they are giving a talk about their travels and also joining a panel of experts who will be discussing the live- aboard lifestyle.

Look for my full book review of The Unexpected Circumnavigation: Unusual Boat, Unusual People Part 1 San Diego to Australia in the coming weeks. But you don’t wait for me; order your copy today and post your own review on Lulu.com!


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