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4048 (in foreground) and 5501 loaded on the container ship

March 21, 2005

Some things are just worth the wait…and the Nordhavn 55 is one of those such things. With 22 orders and a lead time of more than two years, there are a lot of people who consider this boat worthy of the anticipation. But now that the first hull has finally made it stateside, boating enthusiasts from all over will agree that like a fine wine, the Nordhavn 55 is a work of perfection that could not be rushed.

On Saturday afternoon at the Port of Los Angeles in Long Beach, 55#1 was launched off the freighter which left South Coast’s Chinese yard just over two weeks ago. Project manager Dave Harlow, along with PAE commissioning staffer Justin Jensen, picked up the boat and could not stop marveling from the first time they stepped foot on her. “(PAE Naval Architect) Jeff Leishman really hit a homerun on the layout and design of the 55,” Dave Harlow said.

After all the delays and additional testing that postponed the boat’s original ship dates, the launch of the boat couldn’t have gone more smoothly. Dave and Justin buddy boated with Nordhavn 40#48 which was also on the freighter, and made it down to Dana Point in about five hours. The stabilizers and thrusters worked seamlessly, and the motion of the boat was slow and easy even into the 5- to 6-foot head seas. “The boat handled fantastic,” Dave said. And even though the floorboards were up and the engine room door was open for most of the ride due to inspections being conducted, the boat remained quiet and smooth.

At sea, this boat will be sure to impress, but what people will take away with them first is the size and beauty of the molded fiberglass. To get a real good look at the 55, the boat needs to be away from its slip. (And what may surprise people is how effortless such a big boat handles around the dock.) Upon entering the harbor in Dana Point, the 55 passed by Gerry and Terry Gailey on board their 47. Dave spun around to give them a good look. The couple’s wide eyes, broad smiles and thumbs pointing up were clear indicators that they were happy with their decision over a year ago to purchase 55#8.

Still a brand new boat, the interior is bare. But despite needing weeks of work to install the tv and other home electronics, hang window coverings and add other personal touches, the saloon already gives a comfortable feeling. The layout is well-thought and one easily moves from one section of the boat to the next. The quality of the woodwork is top-notch. “You really need to walk through this boat to know just how good it is,” Dave said. “South Coast Marine has really stepped up to the plate and built a beautiful yacht to match the superior design qualities and performance.”

But before you can inspect this boat, please contact us to make an appointment. And if you can’t make it to the West Coast, the next 55 is scheduled to arrive in Miami the beginning of April.

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