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April 20, 2017

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On May 17 (weather permitting), six Nordhavns will embark on a journey that will take them to Bermuda and beyond as part of the Nordhavn Atlantic Passage (NAP) 2017. From Bermuda, four Nordhavns will travel to Europe by way of the Azores while two others will continue on to Nova Scotia.

Two owners will be blogging about the crossing while underway and at port: Peter Arneil, owner of Nordhavn 4023 Medeek is crewing on board N55 Moxie as it makes its way across the Atlantic. Rick Riordan, who owns a Nordhavn 47, will also be blogging while he serves as crew on board N60 Relish.

Enjoy armchair cruising along with the group as they get ready to undergo a milestone cruising voyage.

Peter Arneil on board N55 Moxie: https://atl-xing17.blog
Rick Riordan on board N60 Relish: http://nap2017.blogspot.com/

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