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Why is it that summertime seems to go by so fast? It's hard (and perhaps a bit sad for us in northern climes) to believe that the last of the lazy days of August are already upon us. Perhaps one reason the season seems to fly by is that we happily jam in a cluster of activities during this time of year. That definitely seems to be the case here at Nordhavn. Earlier this summer we hosted a group of editors on board Nordhavn 63 hull one for a seatrial and photo shoot. The day was gorgeous and the boat performed perfectly. The first of those articles have just been published (check out Nordhavn on the Newsstands for the stories) and so far she's being regaled with rave reviews.

Typically the marine industry, takes a break from boat shows this time of year. Our Northeast office in Portsmouth, RI, filled that void with a well-attended Open House which featured a scale model of the first Nordhavn 75 Expedition Yacht Fisher. It was pretty cool to see in person. (click here to check out the video) That said, we're slowly but surely gearing up for fall boat shows. September will be a busy month with Nordhavns being shown simultaneously across the globe during mid-month. If you can't bear to wait four weeks for a boat show, check out Where to See Nordhavns This Summer to find out where you can get on board now.

Whatever your schedule, we hope you'll visit us soon. And in the meantime, enjoy the dwindling weeks of summer!


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