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Broker Spotlight: Dave Balfour
Nordhavn Yachts Northeast, Portsmouth, RI

Dave Balfour was born and raised a Rhode Islander, and as such, grew up in and around the water. Yes, in the water. One of Dave’s first jobs as a high schooler was quahogging (digging hardshell clams) in Narragansett Bay for a local commercial fishing company. At the same time, Dave developed a passion for boating and fixing up boats. Summers were spent getting a hold of old sailboats he could refurbish and then take out for day sails with his buddies.

After graduating from Rhode Island College with a degree in Industrial Technology, Dave kept up with his passion of tinkering with boats. He showed a real knack and good instincts for diagnosing and fixing problems and was soon hired at Boston Whaler, first as a draftsman, then working his way up to manufacturing engineer. After about a decade with Whaler, Dave was hired away by Freedom/Legacy Yachts to become Customer Service Manager overseeing commissioning and warrantee needs. Dave developed such close relationships with his customers he decided to jump over to Sales. “The relationships you develop with your customers is the greatest part of the job,” says Dave. “It means a lot to be able to help them enjoy their boats to the fullest.” In fact, to this day he remains very close with several Freedom/Legacy owners who still tap his brain for help with mechanical questions.

In 2003, after ten years at Freedom/Legacy, Dave came to Nordhavn and has had a great time working in the Northeast office ever since. Just as he did with the other brand boats he worked with, Dave has learned the nuances of Nordhavns inside and out. And he has similarly earned the trust, faith and friendship of his Nordhavn clients, many of whom returned to him to purchase bigger Nordhavns. Sam Denbo, a client who bought a Nordhavn 43 from Dave a few years ago attributes his positive boat buying experience directly to the service provided him by Dave.

“It was my first large boat purchase and Dave was the most low key sales person I had ever come across. He really made the experience so comfortable.

“He spent many long hours on the boat with me, training me and teaching all and more that I would ever need for both short trips and long. I imagine we docked and redocked at least 15 times before Dave sat back and let me do it myself, and I must state, successfully.

“He instructed on the Nordhavn’s many systems and knew how to deal with any issues that arose. A classic example was the low pressure indicator warning on my stabilizer control. The first question Dave asked resolved the issue. (‘Is the main engine running?’) I am embarrassed to say that there have been several other calls to Dave, all of which he’s responded to with great knowledge and grace.

“As far as my wife and I are concerned, Dave Balfour represents all that Nordhavn is, and we think Nordhavn is the best.”

Dave can be reached at daveb@nordhavn.com.

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