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December 2, 2016

If you haven’t been to nordhavn.com lately, you’re missing out on one of the site’s coolest features, which we recently re-launched in November. Nordhavn LIVE allows you to get real-time access to things going on with Nordhavn at any given time on a given day. From boat launches, sea trials, owner trips, and new hull shipments, the site is a day-to-day glimpse of 24 hours in the life at Nordhavn.

Introduced this past summer, Nordhavn LIVE became a portal into the happenings of the Alaska rendezvous, the history-making northern latitude trek by Nordhavn 68 Migration, and the equally history-making solo Atlantic Crossing of the Nordhavn 56 motorsailer.

We hope to continue bringing you daily glimpses into random quick-hit happenings as well as major events. Check back often. Things are always happening at Nordhavn!

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