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The first hull of PAE’S newest model, the Nordhavn 96, is nearing completion and is scheduled to ship from the factory next month. Based on the hull of the N86, the Nordhavn 96 serves as a stepping stone between the large cruiser and megayacht categories. Even before the design was formally introduced, PAE had reservations on the first five hulls – four of them coming from current Nordhavn owners. So what’s got this model trending so high within the Nordhavn sect? “It’s common for our owners to stay brand loyal” said Project Manager Trever Smith. “Each of these owners who were looking to move up in size is coming from a Nordhavn on the larger end of the line-up. The 96 provides them the additional room they were seeking as well as peace of mind which comes from investing in a brand they know and trust.”

The first N96 will ship from the South Coast factory in China in early November. She will be commissioned in the U.S.

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