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The new Voyaging Under Power

Voyage Under PowerThe book that served as inspiration to the owners of Pacific Asian Enterprises, Inc., a foundation to the concept of the Nordhavn 46, has been re-edited for a third time and is now available in hard copy form. The iconic Voyaging Under Power written by Capt. Robert Beebee introduced to the world that global passagemaking – once believed to be a luxury only enjoyed by sailors – was accessible and achievable in the right power boat. The book was first published in 1975 and it revolutionized the powerboating industry. It encapsulated the thinking of Jim Leishman, vice president of P.A.E., who applied his own similar philosophy to the creation of the Nordhavn brand of long-distance trawlers. In 1994, the publishers of Voyaging Under Power tapped Leishman to re-edit the book, after Beebee had revised it himself years prior.

And now the fourth edition of the book – which is often referred to as the passagemaker’s bible – has been published. This time revised by Dennis Ulmstod, a long-time boater who has spent decades cruising on long-range cruising power boats, including a successful crossing of the Atlantic on his Beebee Passagemaker called Teka III. The book is available for purchase here.

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