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January 5, 2017

Small Pennant, big achievement
Nordhavn owners receive first-ever Distance Pennant

What’s a Nordhavn story these days if it doesn’t include some crazy 12-day non-stop voyage at sea? Or a tale about reaching the ends of the earth? Or circling it, for that matter? Propelled by celebrities Twitter accounts and 24-hour news channels, it seems like news is not worth reporting unless it contains shock value or one-upmanship. The same might be said about Nordhavn. Though truly, we are more awed than shocked with the achievements and accomplishments of our owners.

Still, you never hear about the average couple who have purchased their first trawler and spent their first summer cruising up and down the East Coast. Learning the systems, the operations, the fuel management – conquering these in and of themselves are a great achievement.

So to kick off 2017, we are hailing the not-so-insignificant accomplishments of owners who have yet to cross an ocean or explore some island in the middle of nowhere – or perhaps never will. There’s great pride simply in owning and handling the greatest long range cruising boat on the market today, regardless how far from shore they travel. And in fact, there are more people who can relate to these folks than there ever will be those who connect with the 100,000 nm pennant earners.

John Folvig and his family purchased their brokerage Nordhavn 62 back in April and just weeks ago received their 2,500 nm Distance Pennant. They’ve logged 3,300 nm on Ocean Quest, which they accumulated via east-to-west coast trips around Southern Florida via the Keys, as well as day trips from West Palm Beach to the Bahamas, all in the name of building experience and confidence in the boat.

Alas the Sarasota-based Folvigs have their sights set on more than just exploring their home turf waters. The family – which also includes John’s wife, Jen, and 3 young sons – decided their 2016 Christmas vacation planned for onboard the boat would be the ideal jumping off point to a six-month Caribbean cruise which commenced with celebrating the holiday at the Bitter End Yacht Club in Virgin Gorda. The clan’s itinerary calls for additional stops in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Turks & Caicos, and the Caribbean islands.

No, it’s not extreme or unique cruising by any stretch, but it is the adventure of a lifetime for the Folvigs (and seriously, who among us wouldn’t want to trade places with them?) At the end of their six months John estimates they’ll have racked up another 4,000 total miles, and another pennant!*

Also celebrating a 2,500 nm Distance Pennant last month were Scott Keihle and Paula Rawls on Nordhavn 55 Tabula Rasa as well as Scott and Glenda O’Connor on their Nordhavn 40 called Cocamo. Congratulations to you all!

* The first Distance Pennant is awarded at 2,500 nm, the second at 5,000 nm. Subsequent pennants are issued in 5,000 nm increments.

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