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A few good reads

From Family to CrewThe brand new book From Family to Crew penned by Nordhavn 62 owner James Ellingford, has just been released in hardcover and is available for purchase. llingford scribed the book based on his experience getting his family – and his boat, Pendana – ready for the 7+ day passage from Australia to New Zealand. With the realization that there were many boaters out there like him who wanted to make sure that the family who boats together, stays together (and makes it to the destination safely), Ellingford discusses tips he learned only through trial and error. “I think it’s a really informative book, but also hopefully entertaining,” notes Ellingford.

Crossing An Ocean Under PowerTo publicize the release of the book, Ellingford has taken to some traditional – and non-traditional routes of PR. On his website pendana.net, Ellingford launched a competition to see who could come up with the most off-beat way to promote From Family to Crew. One person posted a photo of himself standing on a busy street corner in San Francisco holding up a sign with the words ‘Pendana.net’ written on it. “The Nordhavn fan is an enthusiastic one!” he says.

Meanwhile, popular Nordhavn blogger and N68-owner Ken Williams, will be revising his book Crossing An Ocean Under Power which was originally released nearly a decade ago following the historic Nordhavn Atlantic Rally. The new edition will feature a look at how things have changed since the NAR and includes a terrific retrospective by PAE president Dan Streech who describes why “the NAR could and would never happen today.”

The book is expected to be released this summer. Stay posted to nordhavn.com for more information on how to obtain a copy.


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