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Nordhavn recently announced its brand new 52-foot Coastal Pilot as the latest design to come off the drawing board. Less than a week after unveiling the drawings, we received our first commitment to build. The N52 CP takes over the role vacated by her smaller sister, the popular N35 Coastal Pilot. How will the N52 CP differ from the N35 CP? How will the N52 CP differ from the rest of the Nordhavn line? And how will the N52 separate itself from the rest of the semi-displacement cruising boats in its class? Pacific Asian Enterprises (P.A.E.)’s vice president, Jim Leishman, explains:

“To me, the Nordhavn 52 Coastal Pilot is the perfect boat for the couple who doesn’t want to cross oceans, but is interested in doing extreme coastal cruising. She’ll be a proper, serious coastal cruising boat still able to handle major itineraries. We’re not talking going to Hawaii, but if you want to run from Maine to Alaska, this will be a capable vessel to do it in.

“For years and years, we’d heard from clients who said they love everything about Nordhavns, but bypassed a purchase because their plans didn’t include world cruising. That’s where the N35 Coastal Pilot came in – a means to serve those who wanted a Nordhavn, but wanted faster speeds, didn’t require many overnight runs, and didn’t need the range of the full-displacement boats. We really tried to stay true to our trawler roots with the N35, still retained the single engine. It was a great boat and continues to be sought after on the brokerage market.

“The 52 CP takes up where the 35 CP left off. I’ve always loved the idea of a ruggedly built, coastal boat. So when revisiting the idea, (P.A.E. Chief of Design) Jeff Leishman and I took the best aspects of the 35 and then took her to a whole new level. We started by giving the boat a more contemporary style. The subtleties of the angles that Jeff has incorporated really make her a pretty boat. Her look is going to have mass appeal and that’s where I think people will first notice the major difference between the 35 and the 52. She’ll also be equipped with twin engines.

“Her interior will be ideal for the couple with occasional guests to enjoy life on the water in absolute comfort. Her larger size allows for a layout that really makes sense. The biggest bonus is her stand up engine room which is totally unique to this type of boat. The latest layout includes a luxurious master stateroom with ensuite head, a guest cabin with head that does double duty as a day head, as well as a utility room.

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“While we tout the benefits of an enclosed pilothouse on our traditional Nordhavn trawlers, we opted for an open saloon/cockpit layout for the 52 CP based on the sheer fact that owners of this boat won’t have as many overnight runs. If you are running at night, an enclosed pilothouse is great. It allows life to go on in the rest of the boat. In a coastal cruiser however, a couple doesn’t want to be isolated so much. Yes, this goes against the grain of our promotion of the pilothouse but the Coastal Pilot has a different mission than the long range passagemaking Nordhavns. It’s a completely different animal.

“That’s not to say there won’t be similarities with the trawler line. In fact, there will be no mistaking this for anything other than a Nordhavn. She will be stable, quiet, seaworthy and luxurious. And her craftsmanship will be second to none. All the things that you expect when you get aboard any Nordhavn. She’ll also have great range and fuel economy. Going 8 knots you can attain a 1,000-mile range while getting better than a 1nm/gallon fuel burn. If time, and not range, is a priority, you can push her up to 12 to 14 knots.”

But is the market ready for another coastal cruising boat?

“I think the market is ready for this coastal cruiser. As far as her construction scantlings, window thickness and stability, she’ll be unique from the rest of the pack and a far more capable coastal cruiser than anything presently available. Whereas Nordhavns seem to be the natural next step for sailors looking to get out of the demands of sailing, I feel that the 52 CP could be a natural next step for many of our Nordhavn owners – or anyone – who is done spending days at sea exploring the world, and is ready to dial it back a bit.”

Jeff Leishman is currently finishing up the 3-D modeling of the N52 CP, the lamination schedule is being engineered and Jim Leishman expects work on tooling will start sometime this summer. Unlike most of the Nordhavn line, the N52 CP will be a production boat. Owners will have the luxury of choosing colors on hull, non-skid, boot top and Ultraleather fabric, but there will not be much variation from hull to hull. The standard boat will include air conditioning, bow thruster, a tender davit, generator, windlass and anchor gear as well as domestic appliances including a washer and dryer along with additional freezer space outside the galley.

Introductory pricing for the Nordhavn 52 CP will start at under $1 million.

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