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Calling all Nordhavn photogs!

Each year we put together a beautiful wall calendar we like to call “Nordhavns Around the World” which reflects the far and near places around the globe Nordhavn yachts have been. Past editions have included some impressive, cruise-inspiring scenes thanks in part to our intrepid voyaging owners (many of whom moonlight as surprisingly talented shutterbugs!).

Work on the 2015 calendar is now in full swing and once again we are asking for your help as we collect images of Nordhavns for consideration in next year’s edition. Photos should be at least 350 dpi (the higher the resolution, the better) and should have a wow factor about them. And it’s not just about location - whether you shot your boat in some really remote locale, snapped it at an interesting angle, or have some other element that makes it a cool picture (maybe it’s fireworks in the background, a big lightning bolt illuminating the sky beyond or perhaps being surrounded by a pod of dolphins) we’d love to see it.

Please include the following information your photo(s):

Boat owner name(s)
Boat name
Boat size and hull #
Location of shot
Photographer name

Please e-mail images – one at a time – to Amy Zahra at amy@nordhavn.com. Deadline is August 15, 2014.

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