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Nordhavns surpass 5,000,000 cruising miles;
more Distance Pennant milestones achieved

UPDATE: Earlier this week Nordhavn surpassed 5,000,000 miles accrued on cruising Nordhavns, a milestone it has danced around for a couple months, but achieved after Pedro and Humberto del Favero, owners of N4628 Bucket List, logged the distance they traveled visiting Chile earlier this year. The total is calculated via the company’s Distance Pennant Program (DPP), which measures the number of miles cruising Nordhavns have accumulated by owners who log in and post mileage counts. Administrator of the DPP, Becky Peters, notes that only 339 of the 500+ Nordhavns built have reported their mileage totals, so the assumption is that the actual number of miles covered by the brand’s yachts is much greater.

Several Nordhavn owners reached major cruising milestones this year and a group of them were honored for their adventurousness at a Pennant award ceremony during the Nordhavn Southwest Rendezvous. A breakdown of pennants awarded follows:

2,500 - 1
20,000 - 2
5,000 - 6
25,000 - 4
10,000 - 2
30,000 - 2
15,000 - 1
35,000 - 1

Eric and Christi Grab, a young couple from San Diego, acquired their impressive 35,000 nm pennant thanks – in part – to a circumnavigation they completed in 2007-09. Their noteworthy pennant total earned them a write-up in the current issue of Passagemaker magazine (News & Notes, p. 24). Novice boaters prior to their purchase of Kosmos in 2006, the Grabs are now renowned speakers on the Trawlerfest seminar circuit and Christi has also penned two books about their global cruise.

Meanwhile, Nordhavn vets Larry and Mary Mason are closing in on their 30,000 pennant. Just 600 nm shy of reaching this milestone, we planned to award them their pennant, knowing full well that they’d reach the total soon enough on their N57 No Plans. They declined though, waiting instead until they’d officially realized the 30,000 nm point. When Peters asked them when they thought that would be, they simply shrugged and said “Got no plans!”

On the opposite end of the spectrum are Craig and Kathy Wilson, who just purchased their N43 Sailish Rover and at the time of the Rendezvous had amassed a mere 12 nm on her. But they were as enthusiastic as any of the seasoned Nordhavn owners and look forward to achieving their first pennant.

Not present, but honored at the ceremony, were Tom, Kim and Emily Lawler, who – late last year – on board their Nordhavn 46 Emily Grace, completed a six-year circumnavigation and were honored for achieving 30,000+ miles covered. (For more on the Lawlers’ trip, see First Nordhavn Family Circumnavigates.)

And perhaps the company’s most traveled couple, Wolfgang and Heidi Haas, will receive their pennant, for reaching an astonishing 100,000 nm on their N46 Kanaloa, much of it amassed via three circumnavigations. Their last round-trip will be celebrated at Pacific Asian Enterprises headquarters in November.

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