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PAE Announces New Nordhavn 75 Expedition Yachtfisher

By Jeff Merrill

The Nordhavn 43 owners want you to know that when you purchase an N43, you’re not just buying into one of the great couples cruising trawlers ever manufactured. You’re also gaining a whole new family of Nordhavn 43 owners who are proud of their boats and who want to help make each other’s cruising experiences the best possible.

Nordhavn owners in general tend to be a close-knit group, and with the N43 owners it seems especially so. Case in point was an impromptu open house that four sets of couples threw at the Dana Point docks earlier this spring. Call it an excuse to hang out, the hosts of the party (43 owners of 4303, 4310, 4318 and 4321) wanted to show off their boats as well as share ideas with each other.

We’ve actually had six different Nordhavn 43s here in front of our West Coast sales office over the past couple of months, so it’s only natural that these owners have become close. Still, for the rest of the 43s buyers who are cruising hither and yon, communicating tips, questions and info has been made simple with the “Nordhavn 43 only” owners website and e-mail chat room. Taking a cue from the Nordhavn 47 owners, this private forum was born after several of the earliest buyers organized a weekend review of a freshly launched hull #1. The event cemented a strong bond that has carried on throughout the production run.

After viewing the first 43, the buyers used the experience to finalize details of their own orders, and thus the 43 owners’ tradition of opening up their boats to each other to show off – and perhaps steal – some innovative ideas is a ritual that seemingly has no end.

In a rare first for this model, we have an unsold Nordhavn 43 (that exists in between a line of sold hulls) on the production floor that will be completed near the end of July.   For whatever reason it has become a gap in the production line that is now a great opportunity for the right buyer.   This is a new boat that could be outfitted for late summer/early fall cruising and we could ship to any of our sales offices. And there is still time to make some changes.

A typical 43 can be configured with or without a flybridge, and comes standard with the mast and boom or you can go with a fiberglass stack and davit.  Paravanes and/or active fin stabilizers need to be discussed and there are multiple choices for the gear you want installed ranging from galley appliances to oil changers and wing engines. Also, styling details like counter top choices and upholstery coverings need to be selected.

Getting on board a 43 is a great opportunity to finalize selections and the additional advantage of meeting people who will advise you of their favorite features or what they would do differently is invaluable. Not to mention – you’ll probably step off the boat as new best friends.

Jeff Merrill is a Nordhavn salesman in our West Coast sales office. You can e-mail him at .



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