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What's Happening - Nordhavn 6230, Walkabout, Cruising to Alaska

It’s hard to imagine that Pacific Asian Enterprises can continue to outdo itself with each new model that rolls off the line, but it has done just that with the launch this week of the new Nordhavn 64. Incorporating the proven elements of past Nordhavns, the 64 is as seaworthy as her sisterships, but her lines are a hybrid of elegant yacht and north sea trawler. The combination makes for a powerful, stylish vessel and is why the 64 is an evolutionary and exceptional design.

With 10 hulls already reserved, the 64 has been especially attractive to owners of semi-displacement boats who want a more seaworthy version of what they have. “The 64 is a truly beautiful yacht that poses no boundaries for a person looking for great adventure,” said Nordhavn chief designer Jeff Leishman.

In fact, it was the 64’s performance that impressed hull #7 buyer John Henrichs. Henrichs, who has cruised on countless boats up to 132 feet, was especially astonished by the low vibration levels achieved during a seatrial of hull #1 recently at the Ta Shing factory in Taiwan. “I know from experience that this is never the result of one single item, but the culmination of every detail being dialed in to the highest standard,” Henrichs said. “The design and engineering of Jeff Leishman, the selection of all the equipment by everyone at PAE and the construction and installation by Ta Shing all came together to deliver one of the best running boats I have ever seen.”

Superior seakeeping capabilities of Nordhavns have almost come to be expected, and the 64 is no exception. But the sleek lines and luxurious interior create a stylish yacht both inside and out that matches the boat’s performance. The 64’s interior comes complete with the finest hardwoods, fixtures and appliances while the fiberglass and stainless work shines on the outside.

Simply put: “She is spectacular.” So says hull #1 buyer Richard Ackerman.

For Ackerman who recently was in Taiwan to seatrial his boat before it shipped, it was the enhanced overall quality of the 64 that impressed him so much. Years ago, Ackerman was considering purchasing a brokerage Nordhavn 62. He was drawn to the concept of a “rugged little ship” built with the systems of a battleship and the luxury of a superyacht. But when he learned of the company’s plans to launch a new 64-foot design, he took a leap of faith and signed on for the first hull.

“I believed that [P.A.E.] would build me a boat a notch up from what it did with [the Nordhavn 62],” said Ackerman. “Well, they proved me wrong because they did not go one step up. They went several steps up.”

Hull #1 is currently enroute to Florida to undergo commissioning. The 64 will make its public debut at the Miami International Boat Show in February. Click here for more information on this extraordinary boat.








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