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A problem with obtaining a shipping vessel has caused a delay in delivery of the 68 and 76. The boats are now scheduled to be loaded on to a freighter on March 22nd with arrival into California before the end of March.

February 10, 2007

Last weekend marked the long awaited launch of the first Nordhavn 68 at our partner factory Ta Shing. After several years in the planning, tooling and construction stages, the 68 emerged from within the factory walls a gorgeous yacht that will be recognized by its distinct Nordhavn “Expedition” style and will appeal to the saltiest trawler enthusiasts.

As significant as the introduction of the 68 is, it was just one half of the first-ever double launching at the Tainan, Taiwan factory: along with the first 68 hull was launched Nordhavn 76#9. The two boats were built at separate facilities at Ta Shing’s two-plant campus, were completed simultaneously and will undergo tests and seatrials prior to getting loaded for shipping. Before the start of Chinese New Year (February 15), the two boats will depart for Dana Point, CA for final commissioning and delivery to their owners.

The Nordhavn 68 was purchased by Ken and Roberta Williams, renowned cruisers whose boating stories have been read by thousands. Ken first came to recognition for the blog he kept during participation in the Nordhavn Atlantic Rally where his previous boat, Sans Souci, a Nordhavn 62 served as a leader boat. From that experience came Ken’s book “Crossing An Ocean Under Power”. That title made him a cult hero in the cruising world and is a must read.

Meanwhile, 76#9 will await her owner, an Australian businessman who is also a former Nordhavn owner. After completing commissioning in California, the owner, who previously cruised Europe and Australia on his Nordhavn 57, will take his new 76 back to his homeland by way of a leisurely cruise on her own bottom.




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