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Middleast Violence

July 21, 2006


After nearly two years of having spent in the drawing and tooling phases, the Nordhavn 86 is now taking shape as a finished boat. Being dubbed a “mini super-yacht”, the forthcoming flagship of the Nordhavn line is impressive in its size and design in this early phase, and the company’s design team is thrilled with the progress to date.

“It looks great,” said P.A.E. chief designer Jeff Leishman, who recently returned from a visit to the South Coast Factory in China where the boat is being built. “I think people who see the 86 for the first time will be surprised how big it is.”

So far, construction of hull #1 has been smooth. The N86 is being built to full ABS specifications with regular surveys being performed throughout the build. The few issues that have arisen have been easily corrected, Leishman said.

On schedule, the first 86 is slated to leave the factory just before Chinese New Year in February and will arrive at Dana Point for commissioning in March. And those who come to inspect her will undoubtedly be impressed. “We have upped our game with this boat,” said Leishman. “The ability to offer fully-classed vessels of this size is pretty exceptional and not many builders are able or willing to do this.”

Currently the first three hulls have been sold with #4 available for delivery in mid-2008. If you’d like to receive more information on the Nordhavn 86, click here.














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