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December 6, 2007

By Jeff Merrill

I have been lucky enough to sell many gorgeous pre-owned Nordhavns in my life. But this holiday season has presented itself with a listing unlike any I’ve had the pleasure of representing.

For those of you who never thought you could afford a Nordhavn this could be the answer you’ve been looking for. It’s a unique opportunity to get out on the water for some fun in command of your very own Nordhavn.

One of my clients is reluctantly parting with his beloved remote control Nordhavn 46.  If you are looking for a rare, one-of-a-kind gift idea, this might just be the perfect present for the person who has everything.Alaui

(Note to brokers: This “listing” is not a commissionable sale and so is not available for co- brokerage).

Please contact me directly if you want more details and I’ll put you in touch with the seller. No middleman! In the meantime here’s a little more information from the current owner…

“The N46 R/C model was made by Captain's Models and was one of only a few N46s made.  He does incredible work and you can see it at  Look for the link to "special projects".  Our model, "Mischief III" is featured. 

I paid $10,000 plus shipping for my fully functioning R/C model.  Bob Kyle at Captain's Models said he still has the tooling and is happy to build one, but the price is significant.  I'm willing to sell mine to an interested Nordhavn family member for $5,000.  I'll even deliver it to PAE in Dana Point and it can either be picked up there or it can be shipped.  It comes with a stand and a charger. 

My favorite story about running the model took place in Catalina.  We were there with the San Diego Yacht Club Commodore's Cruise (biannual event) and had anchored off of Long Point.  A Tiara 45 was having difficulty anchoring and they were hunting around onboard their boat for an anchor shackle.  We told them we had a spare and proceeded to put the model in the water and run it over to the Tiara with the shackle on the aft deck.  They retrieved the shackle, said "thanks" and waved.  When the model returned, we found our payment for the shackle in the form of a cold beer on the aft deck of the model.  All got quite a laugh out of that. 

On another trip to Catalina, we brought along our R/C sailboats (2 - Santa Barbara Class 72" models and 2 Bingo Class 50" models")   We had rigged the N46 model to be our Race Committee Boat, complete with Race Committee flag, starting line flag and starting sequence pennant.  We used swimming pool "floaties" as our marks for the leeward end of the starting line and our weather, reaching and leeward marks.  We then proceeded to have a race with the N46 R/C model anchored and we sailed from the boat deck of our DeFever 53.  Believe me, we had amassed quite a spectator crowd for these races. 

The model definitely turns heads by all who see it.  It handles chop exceptionally well and is virtually silent when it runs.  The steering is very responsive and speed is proportional to hull length.  It has fully functioning running lights.  Hull is white with a navy blue bottom. 

We're selling the model because we aren't running it like we used to and I'm running out of storage space.  I usually keep it in my den, but we're doing a remodel and I don't have a place for it and I'm not about to keep it in the garage!  So I'm offering it to the Nordhavn family at a substantial discount.  I want it to go to a good home with people who will appreciate it.”

So there you have it, a Nordhavn 46 that you can have shipped to your home - no haul out or survey required, no punch list, no extra equipment to outfit. Just add water. Please send me an email – if you would like me to put you in direct contact with the seller.

Here’s to a little fun on the water to start out the New Year!

Jeff Merrill is a representative in the Nordhavn Yachts Southwest sales office and enjoys being involved with all size Nordhavns. He can be e-mailed at


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