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The new NORDHAVN 86 makes megayacht debut

Boat Kid Chatter

October 15, 2008

We're pleased to present a brand new feature to called "Boat Kid Chatter". This section is geared toward kids whose parents are thinking about bringing them along for the adventure of a lifetime - that is, hanging out at sea for weeks or months at a time - or for those who are just interested in knowing what it's like to grow up on a boat. Ayla, 11, and Kimberly, 10, are "boat kids", enjoying around-the-world trips with their parents on their Nordhavns while discovering new cultures, meeting new friends and learning new hobbies.

"Boat Kid Chatter" has been designed so that kids up to 13 years of age can ask Ayla and Kimberly any questions they might have about living happily and peacefully with their families at sea. These girls are seasoned pros and ready to answer with the expertise and candor that can only come from having experienced time away from school dances and sleepovers. So you think being a boat kid sounds devastating? Before you declare yourself a permanent landlubber, take a glance at what the girls have to say. You might find yourself wanting to leave the world of IM'ing your BFFs behind in search of a different way to connect to new faces and places.


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