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First 86 nearing completion, next two hulls well underway

March 2, 2007

The brand new flagship of the Nordhavn line, the N86, is nearing completion with hulls 2 and 3 not far behind. The long-awaited 86-footer will launch PAE into the next level of yacht manufacturing as she will no doubt draw comparisons to elegant megayachts. An impressive 24-foot beam provides a huge, comfortable living space crafted of the finest wood, and replete with the same architectural details, modern amenities and luxurious fabrics found in more expensive pleasure craft. And while true megayachts might measure greater in length, few will match the Nordhavn’s 300,000 lb. displacement.

flagshipsLast week Project Manager Trever Smith visited the South Coast factory in China where the N86 is being constructed and came back more excited than he anticipated. “This boat is amazing,” said Smith. “It’s perfect. It’s everything we’ve promoted it to be and more. And this is just hull #1.”

The first hull is on schedule to ship in June and will arrive at headquarters in Dana Point July 1. Already there are 6 orders on reserve without anyone having seen or seatrialed the first boat. But Smith assures they will not be disappointed.

It’s hard to imagine a boat that will be more majestic than Nordhavn’s current flagship, the N76. But Smith says the 86 is a vastly different yacht. “There’s a [great deal] more volume, it’s further engineered and simply more fine-tuned.”

The design and quality of the N86 should only further solidify P.A.E.’s plans to go forward with its 120-foot megayacht project. The success of the 86 is a huge confidence boost for Nordhavn’s design team and the factory craftsmen, Smith said.

Hull #2 will arrive early next year, with hull #3 being shipped to its owner in the UK in the Spring of ’08.

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