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By Jeff Merrill

It’s not uncommon to see a Nordhavn in any part of the world. After all, many of the people who purchase a Nordhavn do so because they want to see and explore places not easily gotten to via traditional methods of travel. Right now there are Nordhavns all over the waters surrounding the U.S., Europe and around the Pacific Rim countries. You might think the only place you couldn’t find a Nordhavn is amongst the streets of a small Scandinavian town. But one enthusiastic owner, for whom Nordhavn has quite literally become a way of life, did just that.

Frank Sain and his wife, Barbara, are the proud owners of Darlin’, a Nordhavn 40 home ported in Beaufort, NC. The Sains love their boat and go cruising in her as much as they can. In fact, the affinity they have for their boat was featured in a past story on this website.

Recently Frank emailed me these photos taken on the other side of the pond where the couple is vacationing before Frank begins a long-term volunteer stint – as crew on board a Nordhavn, naturally.

Frank served as crew during Leg 3 of the Nordhavn Atlantic Rally (NAR) onboard 4708 Strickly For Fun owned and operated by Scott and Terri Strickland. Since having successfully helped get Strickly from the Azores to Gibraltar, Frank has been back to do a bit of Med cruising with the Stricklands. After two seasons in Europe, the Stricklands decided it was time to bring their boat back to the U.S. They asked if Frank would join the crew that will see Strickly safely home, and without hesitation, he was on board.

Wanting to get some face-time with her husband before his weeks at sea (and take advantage of the locale of his latest “job”), Barbara accompanied Frank to Denmark to explore the beauty of the Nordic nation. As planning would have it, a nice sunny day in Skagen, on the northern most trip of Denmark, prompted Frank to take his bride to the beach for a stroll and set one foot in the Baltic Sea, the other in the North Sea.

But this outing, spurred by a trip in a Nordhavn, would not be complete without a trip to Nordhavn…the town of Nordhavn, that is. Unfortunately, the Danish seaport was several miles away, so Frank settled for taking a picture at the train station under the Nordhavn sign. Leave it to Frank to enjoy Nordhavn, even with no boat in sight! (By the way, Nordhavn translates to North Harbor. It’s no coincidence that our boats, reminiscent of North Sea fishing trawlers, were christened Nordhavn, but that’s where the connection to Denmark – or any part of Scandinavia for that matter – ends.)


Closing out their mini-vacation was a glimpse of some well-used real-life North Sea fishing trawlers (I think I’ll stick with my Nordie,” Frank joked), and with that, Frank was ready to hop on the N47 in preparation for the journey to the States.

Watch this site for updates on Strickly for Fun’s return Atlantic adventure.

Jeff Merrill is a salesman in the Nordhavn Yachts Southwest sales office. He can be reached at












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