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Whats Happening-Nordhavn Brokers are Multitalented

Aside from ensuring a customer gets the exact boat they want, Nordhavn sales representatives also promote different ways their customers can enjoy their boats. For instance, Nordhavn salesmen have extensive cruising miles under their belt and are happy to share their experiences of local and trans-Atlantic voyages. Some have shown favorite places to snorkel or discussed ideal boating recipes for fine dining on board. James Leishman's next customers can learn all about catching a prize fish if they so desire.

James, a sales rep in our southwest sales office, recently showcased his immense fishing talents. Last week James and a friend were free-diving off Laguna Beach when James spotted a halibut lying on the sand in about 20 feet of water. Armed with only a spearfishing knife, he dove down, tagged the fish and wrestled it all the way to shore. James said the big flattie bit his hand and it was a tough time getting the fish through the surf and up onto the sand. But the end result was a success. To cap off his 40-lb. snare, the guys grabbed a half-dozen lobsters - perfect for several nights' feasts to come! "It's not like I have some specialized skill, everything just kind of worked out," said James. But, the advanced SCUBA diver and fisherman said he'd be happy to go out with any Nordhavn owner who is interested in capturing a fish - with or without a pole!








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