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The new NORDHAVN 86 makes megayacht debut

A Nordhavn owner's letter to PAE

October 23, 2008

I'm sitting here in Dana Point onboard Maria Elena along an end tie enjoying the view of all the Nordhavns and soaking in the 80 degree temperature.   Today ' s crossing from Catalina was one of those days that made you glad you listened to Jimmy Buffet, took a little vacation and "cast off those dock lines". It just doesn't get much better than the past few days for us.

The ride up from San Diego and the night at Catalina were the best yet.  I love October weather in Southern California.  Flat calm seas with warm breezes.  Hey that sounds like another Jimmy Buffett song. Tomorrow's return run to SD should be equally pleasant.  I wish there was more time off but at least we took what we could.

Despite the economic troubles surrounding us I look at all the new boats and can't help but recall a recent article

Dan wrote on the PAE website referencing a similiar time in history when the market fell.  We will get through it!   Some will fare better than others but in the end I believe that those who have a heart for a little adventure and purchased a Nordhavn may be among those who fare better. 

Look at us.  We are most definitely on the lower end of the financially sound footing of most Nordhavn owners.  But we have the spirit!  4061 continues to serve us well as a second home in San Diego and has held its value much better than the real estate market or stock market.  We would have lost over 20% if we would have purchased that Townhome and moved back ashore after selling 4050 for what we paid for her 18 months later.   More than that, it has allowed us to check another box in this short life of "Done Thats" before the heavens call on us to leave this wonderful place.  How many times have we read Mark Twain's line about regretting the things you didn't do?  Or the analysis about what one would do if he/she found out they only had six months to live.  Listen to JB songs and you realize he has it nailed down pretty well.

While many of us do have to face the realities of financial limitations (myself included) I can not help but think that this may be the best of times to own a Nordhavn.  A little sacrifice is a small price to pay to do something that only the smallest percentage of the population even knows about… "passagemaking".  While I know we will never cross an ocean or follow in the foot steps of Eric and Christi Grab on their 43 or Ken and Roberta Williams on their 68, following their journeys (and just knowing we have the boat that could) suits us just fine.  Hopefully in the future when retirement does reach us we can cast off for more than a long weekend and cruise Mexico or Alaska.  In the mean time we look forward to our Nordhavn out-performing both the real estate and financial markets. We enjoy our weekend runs in a boat that draws crowds wherever she goes (I'll admit it's pretty cool)…and rest easy knowing we are in the safest 40' ever built.  Jeff, thanks for everything you continue to do for us, it is reassuring to have not only a strong boat, but a strong relationship with you and all of the rest of the wonderful people at Nordhavn.

John and Maria Torelli
Maria Elena

ed. note: John Torelli invites you to email him if you have any Nordhavn questions or comments at

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