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Nordhavns Buddy

May 18, 2006

FORT PIERCE, FL – This week, three Nordhavns left southern climes en route to Hamilton, Bermuda, before they continue up to Newport, Rhode Island. Milt and Judy baker on board their Nordhavn 47, Bluewater, left yesterday from Angegada in the British Virgin Islands, an 840-mile journey to Bermuda, while Jim and Marge Fuller on board Nordhavn 43, Summer Skis, will travel 895 nm from Ft. Pierce, FL, and expect to arrive on May 23 (weather permitting). Dave and Karen Crannell on board their Nordhavn 62, Adventure will be leaving Fort Lauderdale later in the week and hope to make landfall in Bermuda next weekend.

Bluewater and Summer Skis will buddy boat together the remaining 640 nm to Newport.

The route is a familiar one for both couples who have completed it in other boats. The Bakers previously sailed the same course, and as coordinator for the Nordhavn Atlantic Rally, Milt had established numerous connections in Bermuda. They’ll be staying at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, which also served as home for the rally boats.

The Fullers have done the trip a number of times – also on sailboats, never under power. “I would have loved to do it on our last sailboat but the time was not available,” Jim said. “These sorts of extended trips were one of the reasons for buying the Nordhavn.”

The duos anticipate leaving Bermuda on June 5 (weather permitting) and making the 640 nm trip to Newport. The Crannells are staying on their N62 a bit longer in Bermuda where they are planning a family reunion with kids and grandkids all flying to the island for a fun gathering.

“This is such a great trip to make on a capable boat,” said Jim Fuller. “Bermuda is an easy destination from Florida once the weather cooperates.” And from there, Newport is just a 3- to 4-day trip.

Rhode Island will be a homecoming of sorts for both the Bakers and Fullers. Milt Baker spent many years here while in the Navy. The Fullers have a summer home in nearby Tiverton, Rhode Island. The couples met last year while their boats were being simultaneously commissioned down in Stuart, FL and plans for the trip ensued.

Adventure is in the midst of a North American tour of sorts having departed Dana Point, California in early March. The Crannells’ itinerary includes cruising up into northern New England for the summer. Click here to read more about Adventure’s travels.

Click here to read log reports from Bluewater and Summer Skis as they make their journey up to Newport.



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