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The new NORDHAVN 86 makes megayacht debut

Nordhavn Owner/filmmaker gets set to brave the Northwest Passage

August 8, 2008

At any given moment in time, history is being made. Events, actions and discoveries shape and define our world and are what directly influence nautical history. The famous film “Around Cape Horn” by then young filmmaker Irving Johnson aboard the barque “Peking” in 1929 has become a true classic and an historically important view into the age of sail and the only circumnavigable route prior to the completion of the Panama Canal.

The treacherous Northwest Passage, a route through the ice enshrouded islands of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, has lured centuries of explorers who were desperate to reach the riches of the Orient. Now, widespread climate changes have opened the Passage for the first time in history. Not only will this have a dramatic impact on worldwide shipping, but the region itself is rich in fish, diamonds, gold and oil. This treasure trove of natural resources has prompted an escalating international situation which may well close the passage to transit once again.

Sprague Theobald, a Nordhavn 57 owner and Emmy Award winning filmmaker, has made plans to sail through the Northwest Passage during this small opening in time.

Join us as we encourage Sprague on this adventure.  While the passage seals up as each winter approaches, its biggest foe is most likely politics which could close it down for good. On January 15, 2008, it was reported that analysts at Jane's Defense Weekly claim that “Arctic sovereignty is fast becoming a high-stakes and potentially dangerous game.” 

Nordhavn plans to keep you informed on the developments of this exciting, beautiful, and yes, still perilous, undertaking as the project continues.

You can get more information by viewing Sprague’s websites at or or also via email at



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