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A Nordhavn tale of thanks and giving

Late Breaking Rendezvous News

September 29, 2009

Details of the upcoming Southwest Rendezvous continue to unfold, and we are very excited to announce the latest addition to the itinerary: Sprague Theobald, who is in the midst of completing a trip through the Northwest Passage aboard his Nordhavn 57 Bagan will give a presentation on his momentous voyage through the fabled waterway. Sprague’s talk (Bagan's schedule permitting) will coincide with the Welcome Barbecue on Friday (October 23rd) evening.

As you may know, Sprague’s journey to the Polar Ice Cap was not one of pleasure, but rather a mission to create a documentary on the implications that will arise due to the opening up of the Passage. A rough version of his film, as well as some stunning still photography, will accompany what is sure to be a riveting lecture.

Those in attendance of the Rendezvous will be among the first to congratulate Sprague for this incredible accomplishment. If you haven’t yet familiarized yourself with Sprague’s journey, be sure to visit his website

After the rendezvous, Sprague will rejoin his crew up north to return Bagan to Dana Point, which will complete a full circumnavigation of North America for Sprague and Bagan (having departed Dana Point, transited the Panama Canal, brought up to Rhode Island, navigated through the Northwest passage and taken back to Dana Point.)

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