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Nordhavn 47 is lead story in Cruising Compass

March 15, 2010

Nordhavn 47 is lead story in Cruising Compass

By Jeff Merrill.

Many cruisers subscribe to the weekly electronic newsletter Cruising Compass. It's a great online newsletter put out by the editors of Blue Water Cruising with pictures, tips and advice.

I recieved an email from John and Rosie Olson regarding the headline on them and their Nordhavn 47 in Cruising Compass.

John and Rosie purchased their boat "Serena Ray" last year. Don Kohlmann and I teamed up to work together on this deal and found the Olsons a great 47 (the former Strickly for Fun - quite possibly the most experienced Nordhavn 47 on the water) and by late spring they had the boat and were headed south.

I met up with them in Southern California this fall and spent some time aboard. We talked about their travels so far and the conversion from the sailing life to a more "power-full" cruising style.

We e-mail back and forth a couple of times a month and I've been enjoying being a remote crew and following along with their adventures. They have a blog that is regularly updated with posts of their travels

Their email included Issue #187 of Cruising Compass where Serena Ray is this week's lead story, featuring a photo of Serena Ray in Cabo San Lucas.

March 11, 2010 - Issue #187
Cruising Shot of the Week

Serena Ray, a Nordhavn 47, anchored off of Cabo San Lucas. "We sailed for over 40 years, most recently on our 48' Bruce Bingham Ketch, and then took delivery of Serena Ray last April in Seattle, WA. Since then we have logged over 5,000 nm's (Seattle to Alaska and then down to Mexico, where we are now). In the fall, we will travel south to Central America, Panama Canal, San Blas and then on to Cartagena, Colombia." Sent in by John and Rosie Olson - M/V Serena Ray

It's always a pleasure to see wonderful people out enjoying a great boat and I have no doubt that Serena Ray will enjoy many full seasons of casual cruising and coastal exploring. Fun to see some press from a predominantly sailing oriented publication...who knows maybe the photo will inspire another sailor who is tired of sitting in the back, tilting to leewared, getting wet and contemplating a sail change...if that's you just send us an email and I'll show you an easier alternative!

(For more details on Cruising Compass, go to Tell them Nordhavn sent you!

Jeff Merrill is a salesman out of the Nordhavn Southwest sales office . Jeff sold John and Rosie 4708 Serena Ray in conjucntion with Don Kohlmann who manages Nordhavns NW office. You can email him at and follow him on twitter .






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