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A Nordhavn tale of thanks and giving

Underway with the Nordhavn Distance Pennant Program

July 17, 2009

It is well known on the waterfront the world over, that Nordhavns were built to cross oceans. In order to boost recognition of that fact, we at PAE developed a program to salute our owners who have fulfilled our initial vision of boats capable of covering mile after mile safely and comfortably. It's hard to believe, but exactly a year ago today, we announced the Nordhavn Distance Pennant Program at our first-ever Nordhavn Rendezvous in Bristol, Rhode Island. Since then, the program has reached 213 Nordhavn owners who have logged a staggering 2,738,455 miles. If we take 26,000 nautical miles as a full circumnavigation then we show an average nautical mile coverage of just under one half of a circumnavigation for each of the 213 boats entered.

Consider around 450 Nordhavns sold and some of these boats have had multiple owners you can see we have lots of room for growth here.

Upon the one-year anniversary of the Pennant Program, we thought we'd offer a recap of the progress made and introduce some of the newly entered Nordhavns and crews. (By the way, if you have not entered your Nordhavn yet then by all means, please join us. Follow along any time and check out what your cruising buddies have logged, as well as the cool places other fellow Nordhavn owners have taken their boats.)

Not in any order are:

Eric Bloomquist and family aboard Oso Blanco a Nordhavn 64 have covered 27,240 nm.

Peter and Margaret Sheppard aboard SKIE, a Nordhavn 55, just got their 10,000 nm pennant after covering 10,422 nm.

Jody Gysling aboard Albatross a Nordhavn 47 has just entered 4,140 nm which gets her the 2,500 pennant, and very close to the 5,000 pennant.

Bob and Carol Arnold aboard Morpheus a 2007 Nordhavn 55 have just completed 2,575 nm.

Lance & Stephanie Leuthesser aboard Star Plath a Nordhavn 40 have gone north after a cruise to Mexico and have logged 6,410 nm.

Ruud Horst aboard ms.K.I.S.S. a new Nordhavn 47 now has cover 3,500 nm.

A 1989 Nordhavn 46 named P.Gannet owned by Richard and Betty Heath have entered 22,350 nm.

Seabird, a 2008 Nordhavn 47 has covered 15,200 nm. with John Langan.

Tony Peach with Westwind II a 2000 N40 has passed 3,136 nm.

A new 2008 Nordhavn 55 Tai-Pan, has just entered 2,600 nm with Dick and Val Carey at the helm en route to Sardinia and Rome.

Also Milt & Judy Baker continue to log the miles aboard Bluewater, their Nordhavn 47 topping 20,368 nm.

Autumn Wind a 2001 Nordhavn 62 has reached 40,000 nm. Extensive cruising from when they launched Autumn Wind Bill & Arline Smith are not ready to stop yet.

With 15,200 nm Bob and Melonie Taylor on Istaboa their N57 cruised from a Dana Point commissioning to a Panama Canal transit and many stops between. They make their new home in Ft. Lauderdale.

Also over 20,000 nms Richard and Lorna Maybin aboard their 76 foot The Spirit of Ulysses. This years plans starting last month in June 2009. Start from North Palm Beach to the Bahamas. Sampson Cay in the Exumas to Panamato Galapagos to Nuku Hiva (Marquesas) Marquesas to Tahiti.

A young family has just entered 5392 nm aboard Three@Sea, their sturdy N43. You can follow the adventures of David, Kathryn and daughter Ayla Besemer who also serves as host on their very well done website Make sure to view Ayla's professional You Tube videos, not to mention our own section Boat Kid Chatter, which she co-hosts.

Next we have Moon River a Nordhavn 62 with Sammy Cacciatore covering 25,000 nm.

Emily Grace a 1990 46 owned by Tom Lawler has 5,445 nm under her keel while in Tom's ownership.

The cruising season is in full swing now in the northern hemisphere. Check out the boats which are actively cruising now and help us get owners who are not yet entered or who have sold their Nordhavn to register their miles in our Nordhavn Distance Pennant Program.

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