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update_egretBy now you know that Egret has made Nordhavn history by being the first Nordhavn to go around Cape Horn. The crew of the 46-footer was fortunate to meet with “moderate” conditions given what is usually encountered at the Horn.

Their original itinerary called for just over a month allocated for going around Cape Horn and exploring the Chilean canals. But in the weeks since they arrived in Ushuaia, Argentina, Scott and Mary have found themselves in love with the unspoiled cruising grounds of this southernmost region of South America and have decided to extend their stay and, in fact, spend the rest of the year there.

“We’ve decided to cruise west/north amongst the Chilean canals during the austral fall, winter and spring (2008)” said Scott Flanders. They’ll return to Ushuaia occasionally for provisions and to pick up guests who fly out to meet them.

In the Spring they’ll resume with the plan outlined in their current itinerary: north up the coast of Chile and offshore of Peru directly to Salinas, Ecuador; west to the Galapagos Islands; southwest to the Marquesas Islands in May; over to Tonga; and finally South to New Zealand arriving in December 2008.

“This is what cruising is all about,” said Scott. “This is why we don’t have a schedule. If you don’t have a schedule then you don’t have to stick to a schedule. You can change your mind just like that and that is what we’ve done.” To read more about the Flanderses decision to postpone their New Zealand arrival by a full year, read their February 1st log update.

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