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Welcome To Nordhavn

New documentary on DVD available! Produced by Emmy® award winning filmmaker Sprague Theobald’s Hole in the Wall Productions, this one-hour documentary goes behind the scenes at PAE with insightful interviews of employees, Nordhavn owners and the three principle owners of PAE. The DVD delves into the early history of the company and even tours through PAE’s partner factories in Asia where Nordhavns are built. It’s hard to describe in a nutshell exactly what makes PAE/Nordhavn such a unique company, but you will have a better understanding after watching this DVD. Click here to order your free copy.

About the producer: We can’t resist this opportunity to put in a plug for our friend, Sprague Theobald. Sprague has owned three Nordhavns over the last 12 years and his current boat is N57 #10 Bagan. He has thousands of offshore miles under his belt including several crossings of the Atlantic under sail. One of his most impressive achievements at sea is a third in class finish at the Two Man Transatlantic Race. Sprague is an accomplished SCUBA diver (and is on an underwater film project at the moment), a superb race driver and a published author.

An overachiever at both play and work, Sprague strives for perfection when wearing his film producer’s hat. You’re sure to be as impressed as we were after seeing “Welcome to Nordhavn.” If you’d like to check out more of Sprague’s work or contact him about your own documentary film needs, drop him an e-mail at or check out his website at Why are we promoting this guy? Mainly because we like him, but…Sprague was recently seen admiring a Nordhavn 76, so after he hits it big with this filmmaking thing…well you get the point.













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