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Name That Boat

March 26, 2008

By Jeff Merrill

That old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words has grown wings for us at PAE. What started out as a unique photo and turned into a silly contest for the amusement of the readers at actually bloomed into an unprecedented response from a hilarious and witty readership. When we posted the photo of Marty and Linda Ellison with their Nordhavn 55 Tenacious and custom GWEDUCK floating plane we thought maybe we'd get a handful of caption entries, never suspecting we would need to form a committee to act as selection jury for our impromptu contest.   Picking just one winner wasn't possible and with such a great variety of clever captions we struggled to select a top 10.  And so here are our top 10 captions. Special thanks to everyone who took a few minutes to contemplate the scene and share their humor. All of us at PAE are inspired by such a loyal and sharing web readership. Everyone who entered is a winner to us with special congratulations to our ten lucky winners who will soon be receiving their very own genuine NORDHAVN ball cap!

  1. That'll be $10.99 for the pizza and $100 for the delivery.
    Winner: Jim Kesterson from Powell, OH

  2. The mating dance of the White-Painted MoneyGobblers.
    Winner: Chris Critchett from Sarasota, FL

  3. Similarly displaced
    Winner: Steven Rames from Brookings, SD

  4. Honey, maybe we should have ordered the stern thruster as original equipment.
    Winner: Daniel Feller from Scottsdale, AZ

  5. Curb service:  spare parts any time, anywhere!
    Winner: Scott Barnaby from Decatur, GA

  6. Guess he thought you were the control tower, Marty.
    Winner: Jeff Start from North Canterbury, New Zealand

  7. Hey Marty, I hear that the 120-footer is going to have a runway.
    Winner: Scott Dritz from Thousand Oaks, CA

  8. Honey, it followed me home. Can we keep it?
    Winner: Ron Bussiere from Vista, CA

  9. Excuse me… do you have any Grey Poupon?
    Winners: Captain Steve Larivee from Longmeadow, MA
    and Steve Creagan from Downers Grove, IL

  10. DEE Plane Boss!! Dee Plane!!!!!
    Winner: Rick Evans from Exeter, NH

Jeff Merrill is a representative in the Nordhavn Yachts Southwest sales office. He can be e-mailed at


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