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PAE Obtains New
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Dick & Gail Barnes'
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Eighth Circumnavigating Nordhavn revealed


West End Bahamas for Dinner


Miami boat shows highlighted by Flanders ceremony


MV Egret becomes
seventh Nordhavn to circumnavigate




"Easy access." It's a term often associated with Nordhavn. Just think about it: our boats are designed to offer owners easy access to storage in the saloon; captains and crew have easy access to important components and systems in our stand-up engine rooms. Prospects are given easy access to boats that we've got on display at boat shows or at our docks. And anyone researching Nordhavns has easy access to a massive amount of information on (If it ain't there, it probably doesn't exist!) Now we're making ourselves even more easily accessible by joining the social media fray with the addition of a new Facebook page and Twitter account. This means if you are a Nordhavn tracker, you'll have instant access to the latest updates and news flashes. Check out the feature below to find out how to follow us on Twitter or "fan" us on Facebook. You'll also find that you now have easier access to Nordhavn owners via our website's new video interview section. Within these in-depth queries, owners reveal - amongst other things - the reasons behind their decision to go with Nordhavn. And while you're perusing the website, don't forget to visit the calendar page to see where Nordhavns will be exhibiting this Spring. There are still great deals to be had for purchasing a new Nordhavn, but don't wait! (Especially if you have your heart set on a new N62.)