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Greetings Nordhavn fans!
It's clichè to say that Nordhavn owners are like family, but truthfully, that's kind-of what happens the minute you purchase your Nordy. Not only are you embraced by the staff at P.A.E., but other owners themselves go out of their way to help and befriend their Nordhavn bretheren. Most boaters will tell you that, aside from getting to see and experience new places, it's the people and the friendships made that are the best part of the cruising lifestyle. That's why we are putting new emphasis on organizing Nordhavn rendezvous. We have to admit that we were late to the rendezvous game - having only hosted our first one last summer in Rhode Island. After witnessing the immense fun and spirit of camaraderie experienced by the attendees, there was no question in our minds that the rendezvous needed to become an annual Nordhavn ritual. We followed up the Bristol, RI event with this past June's fun fete in Port Ludlow, Washington (read the recap on the Northwest Rendezvous). Once again a smashing success, it prompted requests for another celebration geared toward southwestern U.S. cruisers. We heeded the calls and are excited to announce a mini-rendezvous happening this fall in Dana Point, CA. Plans are still underway, but if our track record is any indication, the Southwest Rendezvous will be another great time. If you think you'll find yourself - and your Nordhavn - in southern California this October, we urge you to contact us and let us know your interest. (click here for the online registration form) If you are still waiting to buy your Nordhavn (by the way, check out When's the right time to purchase which might help you with your plans) you can still count on attending the special Open House that will take place during the event.
In the meantime, take a peek at the latest and greatest things going on here at Nordhavn as well as with our owners. There are some pretty amazing voyages being taken right now, and the corresponding updates and blogs are truly fascinating reads. Click on any of the four trip links in the header (at the top of the page) of the e-newsletter to learn more. The trips offer the wide-range of cruising styles preferred by our owners. Some are going their routes solo, some buddy-boat for parts of their trip, while others opt for traveling en masse. Regardless of their approach, each has enjoyed seeing remote parts of the world, from the safe, comfortable, luxurious confines of their Nordhavn!


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