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A Nordhavn tale of thanks and giving

Meet Paul Hutton

Paul Hutton was just a young boy when Sir Robin Knox-Johnston sailed his hand-built teak sloop into Falmouth, England in 1969 to become the first man to complete a non-stop single-handed circumnavigation of the world. Paul was one of thousands who showed up to witness the notorious finish. He told his father on the way home, "That's what I'm going to do."

And he has.

For the past 30 years, Paul has established himself as a respected sea captain, fisherman and yacht broker. He is licensed to drive boats up to 500 tons, and has chartered and delivered sailing and power vessels of all sizes around the globe. In 2007, he led his crew to second place in the catch and release division at the Bisbee's Black and Blue -- the biggest marlin fishing tournament in the world. Like Knox-Johnston, Paul's nautical career began in the Royal Navy. He signed up at age 16 and spent the next 6 years at sea. Hutton traveled thousands of miles aboard the "Ariadne, Sheffield and Invincible" with deployments/missions that took him to ports around the world. He also served as a sailing instructor for the Navy in every port where Knox-Johnston started and ended his famous voyage. Paul left England for America in 1989, landing first in New York where he worked for the British consulate. But it wasn't long before he found himself yearning to get back to the sea. So he bought a Mustang and drove cross-country to California, settling in Dana Point after he saw a highway exit sign reading "Beach Cities." He drove to the harbor and knew he had found his home. Through his vast maritime experience, Paul has accumulated a welter of knowledge, including an excellent understanding of yacht systems and electronics.

Because of his marine and cruising history, Paul is able to step in and offer true expert advice when it comes to guiding his clients into the perfect boat for them. Says Paul: “Having been a Captain on many boats of all sizes, I am able to give my customers good advice on what size of boat to get, what equipment to put in it and of course, how to handle it.

“For instance, we are currently building a N86 for one of my clients. Although a very knowledgeable yachtsman, he was torn between fiberglass and metal construction.

Having once skippered a steel/aluminum yacht, I was in a position to point out some of the problems that I had encountered in order to help with the decision.”

What makes this latest chapter of Paul’s boating career so satisfying? “I really enjoy the fact that I can help my clients plan their trips as often I have been where they want to go,” he said. It helps that he can stand behind the product, and the company, as being tops in helping people achieve their dreams. “Working with Nordhavn is just fantastic,” he said. “I honestly believe that I am with one of the best companies in the world and our product and product range is second to none.”

Paul Hutton is a salesman in the Nordhavn Yachts Southwest sales office in Dana Point, California. He can be reached in the office at 949-496-4933 or via e-mail at


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