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Nordhavn 55 Twin Engine

What Are They Doing Now?
Summer 2009

Heidi and Woflgang Hass on N46 Kanaloa.

We are at the beautiful Atoll of Suwarrow, enjoying life and catching coral trout by the bucket. If this goes on, we grow scales.

It has been a great trip, the Marquesas has been the highlight, not so impressed about Tahiti any longer. Too much homeless and drug addict roaming the streets.

Zulu has the time of his life. He caught his first one foot long Baby Shark the other day. You should have seen him, running around like a proud gladiator. Our lazy boy doesn't want to walk along the beach, all he does is fishing. The warden and his kids love him to death. At seven in the morning, he runs to their open, sleeping hut, tells everybody it's time to wake up. They love it! His only problem is the last remaining wild cat on the Island. They had a stand off two nights ago. The cat lost that round.

I did let one good weather window go, my two men are hard to drag away from this place, we are now paying for it. 14 foot seas, rain, 25-30 knots between Samoa and Suwarrow, no fun at all. A bit rocky in the big lagoon. Hope to get away on Sunday/Monday.

I have to get to an Internet to send you some photo's, hopefully in Fiji.











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