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A Nordhavn tale of thanks and giving
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It's A Wonderful Life!

My name is Zulu, and, I live on a beautiful ocean-going yacht named Kanaloa. My mom, dad, and I, have sailed all the way around the world. What a great life. Mom and dad even sailed around the world three other times before I was born. However, right now, I am sitting in jail in a land called "Down Under"! The real name is Australia, but I must say, right now, I certainly do feel "Down" more

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December 21, 2009
Laurel Gardner
Age: 7
Westport, CT
My mom and dad want to take my brother and sister and me on a long boat ride. It wouldn't be until next year but we would be on the boat during Christmas next year. Do you live on your boat all year round? Even at Christmas? How does Santa know to come to your boat? How does he get in?
(my older sister is helping me to type this.) From, Laurel


Yes, we do live on the boat all the time. This will only be our second Christmas on the boat, and I am very excited. We still make gingerbread houses, decorate Christmas trees, make cookies and eggnog, and watch Christmas movies! Santa, as Paige said, is super smart. He definitely knows how to go down an exhaust stack. The reindeer probably park up on the boat deck or on the bimini top! We always leave milk and cookies out for him...and they are always gone in the morning. Happy Cruising!



Hi Laurel,
Yes we do live on board full time and we have spent many Christmases on the boat. Santa is a pretty smart guy and we always put up Christmas decorations and leave milk and cookies for him. I think Santa gets into our boat by coming down the exhaust stack.

Have fun on your boat trip.

Merry Christmas,

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