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Nordhavn 55 Twin Engine

This is what we mean by Nordhavn commitment

It started out as a launch not unlike any other Nordhavn launch. On Saturday, December 6th, an ocean freighter carrying two brand new Nordhavns stopped in the Port of Tacoma (WA) to offload some of its cargo – among which was the first fully-completed Nordhavn 52 (hull 63). The ship had to battle some thick early morning fog, but it gradually cleared and soon slings were fastened around the hull and the process of lowering the N52 Dirona into Commencement Bay had begun. Anxious owners James and Jennifer Hamilton watched as the boat was precariously moved inch by inch off the boat. But, without so much as a hitch, she soon found herself floating in the water.

The delivery crew, which included Nordhavn Yachts Northwest sales manager Don Kohlmann, prepared to climb on board and bring the boat to Emerald Bay Marine in Seattle for commissioning. “Everything had gone so well, and we were expecting the boat to just float free,” said Jennifer. But the straps had gotten tangled on one of the stabilizers. The sling could not be returned to the ship, and the boat was stuck.

Several attempts at shaking the caught straps free were made, but to no avail. And the concerned couple feared a diver would need to be called to cut the boat away, causing a major hang-up. But in a flash, someone or something jumped into the water. People looked at each other questioningly. Was that the King of the Seven Seas? Surely no right-minded mortal would plunge into the frigid bay? When a head popped up from behind the boat, the crowd was astonished to see Don Kohlmann bobbing in the 48-degree water, wielding a switchblade. Don had dove beneath the hull and sawed the security rope that held the straps together away from the stabilizer. Dirona was free at last.

Realizing Don’s clothes lay in a heap in the Vessel Assist boat, the gang all shielded their eyes as he climbed his way back on board. But the onlookers couldn’t help themselves and burst into applause while Don stood dripping in his boxer shorts. “Everyone was impressed and amazed,” said Jennifer. “That’s customer service for you.”

When asked what was going through his mind during his split-second decision to make like Aquaman, Don typically downplayed the whole scene. “It actually wasn’t too bad. I’m just glad I didn’t wear my boxers with the bumble bees on them.”

Still wondering why we preach the virtues of buying a boat – new or used – directly from Nordhavn?











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