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Nordhavn 55 Twin Engine

First Nordhavn 52 launches


At first glance, many readers may question this being an announcement for the first 52 to launch. After all, there are photos in our Circumnavigator magazine and some posted to the 52 section of our website showing a recently delivered model. The difference is the first “52” only contained an elongated cockpit. While the LOA, at 54’ 4”, matched that of the drawn out 52, it did not contain all the features that Chief Designer Jeff Leishman had intended with the design’s conception, a logical expansion of our popular 47-footer that includes an expanded upper deck as well as the five foot cockpit extension.

The 52 not only serves to refine the looks of the 47, but also represents a remarkable value to buyers. Included as standard on the 52 (but optional on the 47) are the following:

*Fiberglass exhaust shroud
*Generator (Northern Lights 12 kW)
*Davit (Steelhead SM1500R)

Plus, the boat is more efficient. The LWL on the 52 is 48’3” (almost 5’ longer than the 47), she displaces 5,000 more lbs., carries 200 more gallons of diesel for a total of 1,670 gallons (the extra waterline and extra fuel increase the range accordingly).  

The boat was launched at the Port of Tacoma in Washington on December 6. Owners James and Jennifer Hamilton were on hand for the not quite run-of-the-mill launch. From Tacoma, the boat was brought by a delivery crew to nearby Emerald Harbor Marine in Seattle where it will finish commissioning. “We are really excited to have the boat so close to completion,” said Jennifer.

Project Manager Jeremy Henderson worked closely with the Hamiltons on the first full-fledged 52 and was also on hand to see her unload off the cargo ship. As the 52 is essentially a highly modified 47, expectations of the end result were heightened. And the South Coast factory in Xiamen, China, didn’t disappoint. “This is the most custom 47/52 built to date and our factory did a wonderful job,” said Jeremy. “This was a very detailed project. I’m really pleased with the outcome and I’m very proud to have been a part of it.”












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