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Here we are, in the thick of the holiday season, and if you are anything like the folks here at Nordhavn, you are busier than ever. The worst of the economic situation might be behind us, but that doesn’t mean we’re on easy street. Instead, it means the staff here needs to work longer and harder to ensure we maintain forward movement. And we’re not just talking about wielding away on our laptops each night before bedtime or coming in to the office on weekends (although you’ll find that’s often the case around here). For instance, in the category of would your salesman do this for you? comes the workmanship of Don Kohlmann, sales manager of our Northwest sales office, who went above and beyond the call of duty last weekend during the launch of the first fully-completed Nordhavn 52. Let’s just say there was nothing (well, almost nothing) getting between Don and his rescue effort.

Come to think of it, going out of our way for our customers is what we strive to do year round. We appreciate each one so much and all that they have meant to Nordhavn over the decades. So each year at this time, we sit back and take stock of the events of the previous 12 months and discover in how many ways we are thankful. 2009 has perhaps been our most challenging year in nearly two decades, since the early days at PAE when personal credit cards were being used to pay bills. Yet isn’t it always the case that in the most challenging of times you find yourself most grateful? We’d gotten so used to signed contracts coming in with regularity that we became practically complacent to our filled order book. We certainly didn’t take the time to appreciate each one for its intrinsic value as much as we’d ought to, instead going straight to task to get the job completed. Now every order that comes in is routinely celebrated. Every new customer is recognized for their good faith in us. And every brokerage sale is an appreciation for the worth of our product line.

Instead of looking back at 2009 with a petulant “good riddance”, maybe we should be saying thank you. Thanks for helping us to be a more appreciative company. Thanks for compelling us to strengthen our resolve. And here’s to a prosperous 2010. Hopefully it will give us even more to be thankful for.
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