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Nordhavn 55 Twin Engine

Coming Home

What goes around comes around, as the old proverb says. And nothing more literally illustrates that like the three Nordhavns that returned - on their own bottoms – this week to the factory at which they were built. The Nordhavn 68 and two Nordhavn 62s that comprise the Great Siberian Sushi Run arrived at Ta Shing Yacht Yard in Taiwan July 3rd to much celebration and fanfare. After all, it was the first time any Ta Shing/PAE-collaborated boats - including the 200-plus Mason sailboat hulls that were launched - had ever come back to their birthplace.

When the three couples who own the boats in the GSSR fleet were deciding on their 2010 itinerary, each were excited at the thought of including a visit to the factory. But perhaps no one as much as Ken and Roberta Williams, who purchased both their Nordhavn 64, and prior to that, their Nordhavn 62, as new, and whose past factory trips were limited to quick checks on their hulls’ production. “It mean a lot to us to ‘come home’,” notes Ken in his blog. “But we hadn’t realized that it also meant a lot to the factory.”

It is the first time in Ta Shing’s 34-year history that any yachts constructed there had returned. Visibly excited, the staff at Ta Shing rolled out the welcome wagon for their guests: a party complete with food, dancing and Chinese dragons, was held in their honor. A video (below) shot by one Ta Shing staffer shows the celebration and offers a glimpse at how profound an occasion it really was.

Midway through their week-long stay, it’s clear the Nordhavn owners have learned a lot more about the boats that have carried them half-way around the world (and then some) in complete safety and comfort. Writes Ken: “Boats are built by people, not factories. I have never met a harder working group, who cared more about the product. They have been studying our boats to see what they can learn that might help them build boats better in the future. Their attention to detail and the fine craftsmanship they exhibit is incredible.”

We at Nordhavn are proud to be able to partner with such an outstanding facility that brings to fruition our visions of creating the best cruising boats in the world.

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