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At your service. That’s the message we strive to convey here at Nordhavn. While at first glance it seems like such a simple sentence, the Nordhavn staff views it as a multi-layered mantra, one that is at the crux of our business and drives the success of our company.

It starts at the sales ends of things. We like to think we have the best salesmen in the business. Sure there might be guys (and gals) out there who may know a little more about a lot more boat brands, but no one knows as much about the Nordhavn line and the people who cruise in them like our sales reps do. As for the boating public, your trawler IQ is inconsequential. Our salesmen and women will provide you whatever assistance and guidance you need: before, during and after the sale. We think one of the greatest attributes of our sales force is the one-on-one training offered to clients once the boat is delivered. Last month, RI-based Dave Balfour flew to California to acclimate his clients on their brand new 76, while CA-based Jeff Merrill will fly to South Africa in a few weeks to train his customer on his new 52. New or used, near or far, big or small. When you purchase a Nordhavn from a Nordhavn Sales rep, you can feel confident in the ability to operate your boat, as much as you are with the operation of your boat. It’s something our clients truly appreciate and lots of them tell us directly. (Check out some of our most current feedback and you’ll quickly recognize that customer service, while a seemingly dying art form elsewhere, is alive and well at Nordhavn.)

Then there’s our boats – the Nordhavns themselves, which are always at your service. ‘Round the clock, in harsh seas or calm weather, our superbly engineered machines deliver their crews reliably and comfortably. As Bill Bane, owner of Nordhavn 46 Satchmo and spotlight owner in this issue’s Where Are They Now, matter-of-factly stated about his boat, “Nordhavn's designers put into it what is needed and appropriate for our desired usage, which is sea travel by a couple to ‘distant anchorages’ in comfort and safety. For us and in our size range, there really is not a close equal to the Nordhavn in terms of safety, convenience, reliability, economy, and sea kindliness. As an owner, and as one gains experience, you gradually figure out why Nordhavn did what they did. After almost 10 years, I am still figuring it out. But I know this: what they give you is a boat that is going to work.”

We’ll also give you service techs that ensure your boat and its components stay working properly. For nearly ten years, the commissioning location in Stuart, Florida has been servicing new and used boats. As the East Coast Commissioning Facility for Nordhavns, Service Manager John Hoffman and his dedicated, knowledgeable staff will get you up and running. We’ve got two large berths on site (with more in the works), plus access to dozens of slips at neighboring Allied Marine, not to mention our “mobile unit” will travel to your boat almost anywhere in the Treasure Coast area of Southern Florida for work that can be performed dockside. With company-owned machine, wood, and paint shops on site, manned by fully-insured craftsmen, we’re not forced to rely solely on subs who may or may not have ever been on a Nordhavn before. Besides this, you’ll benefit from the direct access our tech staff has to the designers and engineers of our boats. With inside info like that, we can deliver a one-two punch to your hitlist.

At Nordhavn, we want your experience to be exceptional throughout every step of your boat shopping, purchasing, cruising, and selling processes. Since 1989, there have been over 500 Nordhavns – and countless more Nordhavn owners – proudly served.