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A Nordhavn tale of thanks and giving

Meet James Leishman,

One of 18 Nordhavn sales team members, James works out of our Dana Point office in California, along with his brother Eric. The two Leishman brothers have extensive experience with Nordhavns as the sons of cofounder Jim Leishman. The boys grew up on the water and cruised on many adventures with their father. It is with this very personal experience with all things Nordhavn, James brings a unique insight to his customers needs.

James has knowledge of the development of all the boat models as well as the history of past customer accomplishments and modifications done to each model.  James who is younger than some of his older coworkers still has the knowledge to help his customers make wise decisions as they outfit their new Nordhavns.

James has worked with customers who have owned one or more Nordhavns as well as customers who have never owned a boat before and required care beyond a typical broker who simply guides his customer through the purchase process.

James is especially proud of his customized training program which he provides all of his customers. giving them a sense of confidence in their abilities to manage their yacht. It is not uncommon for James to spend a week to ten days with each customer, providing the knowledge necessary to be a competent skipper of a Nordhavn. Of course, this same training is available to the owners' captain if this should become necessary. Additionally, James said "The training alone is a great reason to purchase a brokerage Nordhavn from Nordhavn. Not just any yacht brokerage can provide anywhere near the level of training that a customer can expect from us (Nordhavn)".

In a lot of ways, ordering a new Nordhavn is like having a custom home built. Countless parts and events have to happen in unison in order to have a smooth build.

We caught up with one of James's customers Tom Anton who purchased a new Nordhavn 55 to get his thoughts on his purchase process.

Tom, why a Nordhavn?

"I spent years debating whether or not to purchase a boat. When I finally made the decision, the inevitable question then arose, what kind? After considerable research, I decided on a Nordhavn".

Did things go as expected?

"Initially, I dealt with another salesman who left the company. Later, I was introduced to James Leishman. To my delight James stepped in as though he had been my salesman from the beginning. He guided me through the purchase phase, the offshore delivery process, the installation of various accessories but more importantly, his thorough and confidence building training program".

Any last thoughts on dealing with James and Nordhavn?

"Of paramount importance is the Nordhavn way of doing business. James and the Nordhavn family have been extraordinarily professional, helpful and just good quality folks with which to work".


We asked James about his selling experience with Nordhavn. "My customers have also become friends. I enjoy every day, having the chance to meet great people who love the water and want the perfect boat to cross oceans. Helping them with all of the details-whether buying or selling their existing boats I find rewarding. We all put in a lot of hours with boat shows and travel, etc. This business makes working hard fun. I love the ocean and I really love helping others to find the best possible boat to meet their needs."


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