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A Nordhavn tale of thanks and giving

March 22, 2010

Customizing the 120

With each new order that comes down the pipeline, PAE continues to prove itself as a yacht builder able to provide highly custom details, intent on working with clients to ensure the boat they desire is the boat they receive. It’s no secret that there are elements found standard in most of the 17-boat Nordhavn product line that started out as customer suggestions. So when the new 120 buyer came to us with an unusual request for his radar mount, we went straight to work to see how we could fulfill his wish.

The buyer has a boathouse near his residence in British Columbia that houses his current boat, a Nordhavn 86. The width and length of the boathouse are large enough to accommodate the size of the 120, but the clearance would prohibit keeping the boat due to the large radar mast being designed to fit on it.

So we came up with a solution: a custom hingeable radar mount that will allow the piece to easily fold down when in storage. Adding hinges as a means of solving clearance issues is certainly not new. The masts of all N35s were built to fold down and we customized the dry stack of a Nordhavn 57 so it could clear low bridges on its Great Loop journey.

What makes this so special is the sheer mass of the radar mast being designed for the 120. At 12 feet high, it will hold three Satcom domes, weather instruments, navigation lights and radio antennas, and will hinge aft to clear the roof of the boathouse. Actuators will rotate the mast making what could be a daunting task into a controlled, safe and routine event. Special structural considerations have been made to support the cantilevered mast as it swings over the hot tub. “It proved to be an interesting challenge but one we were eager to take on and resolve,” said Project Manager Trever Smith.

With the press of a button and removal of a few pins, the 120 will go from 43’9” to 31’4” tall with the mast folded.  “It’s going to be a great feature on what will be an incredible yacht,” said Trever.

The 120, hull #1 is slated to be completed at the factory in 2012.



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